Thank you to the Editor…

The past couple of weeks have been challenging for me.  Technology is something I let advance without any concern. 

I am a person who does not watch tv. People have laughed about me not knowing about this podcast.   And now I have a blog and an Instagram and a Twitter.  

My 13 year old Reagen is my editor, IT department, and sounding board.   She says that for all the nice talk I have for other people, I am not very nice to her at times.

She is suggesting I start a YouTube channel.   I can hardly work my phone as it is now.

I honestly have enjoyed being able to share additional information with you.  It is pretty amazing to get to tell others about the people I love.

Reagen can’t remember John, except in the repetitive memory kinda way.  She has seen her baby book and all of my keepsakes.  She has heard bits and pieces of his voice.

But to her, she says, he is Peter Pan.  He kinda was.

“Aww mom, it is the boy who owned the box.”

So I will try to be Wendy.  I think I spent alot of time telling Peter, “you come down from there.”  But once he was gone, you think maybe I should have enjoyed watching him fly.  

There were days that I did, we went to a military memorial park in Tuscaloosa and he climbed all over everything just like a kid would do.  Things I am pretty sure he was not supposed to, so it was pretty funny.  My friend Crystal is still looking for the pictures from that day.

But, it was Reagen who saw his box for what it was.  I was excited when I saw John.  Reagen saw “keep out”.

A little boys treasure chest

That is my dilemma.  What do I share?  What do I hold onto?  How do I explain things without hurting anyone?

I don’t want to glorify bad behavior and I don’t want to betray trust.  I think overall, fans are forgiving of John.  And me.

I will continue to share the best with you. There are a few more people I would love to introduce to you.  I think you will enjoy them like I do and it just might explain a few things.

If you wonder why there is any lack of clarity, these are real people.  Reagen has to face middle school peers who can be less forgiving.  So I have chosen to remain silent in anything negative, to protect my own feelings, but more importantly hers.

The adults granted interviews. We never imagined the spotlight we would be putting ourselves in.  (And more importantly, those younger family members who are more vulnerable and subject to intense cyberbullying.)

Meet the Editor, Reagen is one tough cookie

So please remember there are innocent bystanders and I have to protect my editor. For she is only 13, has done an excellent job, and she works for free. 

Don’t laugh, 


10 thoughts on “Thank you to the Editor…

  1. Best editor ever! I see a bright future for her & for Woodstock! I love you very much! Good night! Sweet Dreans! God Bless you and Don’t forget to pray!!

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  2. Reagen you are rocking the hell out of this editing! Loving reading these and seeing all the pics. What a total beauty you are! Oh to be 13 again x

    Liked by 1 person

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