Something has happened…

Rob in Australia sent me this encouragement.

I am writing to report that the seed packets have been opened.  There are 30 packets of various combinations and I can not stop crying. 

I do not share this for any other reason except that today is Independence Day in America.  I love my country and my home, but this one has made me so proud of my fellow man.

I have never related or even dreamed of the encouragement and kindness and unity of my fellow humble B’s worldwide.

It all comes down to our hearts and minds.  There is a beautiful place that lies within us all.

His beautiful heart and sense of humor…

As the Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail begins, I hope there will be a beautiful difference around here and within all of you.  And I hope a yellow jacket does not get me.



4 thoughts on “Something has happened…

  1. Dear Cheryl I am so happy that you liked my post. You have inspired me in so many ways with your positive attitude and “go getter ” approach to life It is a pleasure to be a small part of your wonderful journey
    Regards Rob Tv
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  2. Happy tears are the best tears! There’s no feeling like it in the world. Thank you for sharing such a special moment with the rest of us.
    Should a yellow jacket get you after all…it’s nothing but a little buzz from John B letting you know he’s watching, smiling and appreciative.

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