The Emperor’s New School…

When I was a child we read the book about the Emperor’s New Clothes.

To summarize, the Emperor hires thieves who takes his money and tell him he has beautiful clothes.

He parades around naked and everyone pretends he is dressed beautifully.

It takes a child to point out that he is naked.

Much like our local school board.

They have taxed us without a vote of the people and they have spent that money decades into the future without purpose.

Unless you think a concession stand is a valid priority.

I personally would prefer my popcorn under a pop-up tent.

Our future looks like we will now have state of the art prisons in Bibb County, but not classrooms.

I would prefer a chemistry lab, a technical school upgrade- something that would allow our graduates the opportunity to earn a decent wage.

I feel like I am the only one who sees that there is no school.

We are told it is on the 5 year plan for 2023. We are not told that it has been on that same plan since 2015 and 2023’s money has been spent.

Make of it what you will. I refuse to remain silent any longer.

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