Little Women…

“Ooh, get down Little Women I said. I remember reading that.”

I would be the only one to ask Andrea to get something off of the top shelf of the bookcase. She is my shortest sister, but has the determination to climb mountains. I had faith.

She called me back a few minutes later and she was crying. “I think I broke my hip. But I got it.”

That fits us. Calamities and laughter. Tears followed by giggles and “Did you just snort?”

She spots things just like mom. My birthday is in June. And just like mom, she brings me a present in April. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” “I saw this and I had to get it.”

Mom celebrated everything.

You always had a surprise. Some gifts puzzled you. But they were a gift all the same. Crocheted contradictions were her specialty.

Jacob’s shoulder pad cover will go down in history. Why he did not want to model that at a high school football game is understandable. And hysterical. I should have took a picture of that creation.

Amye is the sister that is the best about being proper in public. She could not take being singled out for attention. Her middle school horror of mom chasing her down wearing leg warmers and Amye trying to pretend mom was not her mom- well that is just true gold.

Well here we are today without her.

Or are we?

When I see all of us, I see her. I hear her. I feel her.

When we are together, I know she would be happy.

Even if we have to dial 911. That story is for another day.

Happy Mother’s Day to you Andrea and Amye. The best presents mom ever gave me were sisters.

I love you,


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