This a sweet little recipe I found in Maw Maw’s book:

Here are the recipes from my WIAT Channel 42 Interview:

Supper’s Ready Brittany! Welcome to Woodstock!

Biscuit Pudding starts with great biscuits:

The best biscuits in Bibb County

Kellye’s Biscuits
Biscuit Pudding – Oh my!

Disclaimer-The Biscuit Pudding Recipe is supposed to say Condensed Milk not evaporated!

The Biscuit Pudding Recipe by popular demand

Here is a taste test video of Biscuit Pudding:

Next comes Banana Pudding:

Screenshot from Brittany’s Article
Billie Dailey’s (Jomamie’s) Banana Pudding

Drum roll please, Mrs. Lela’ s Cake:

Mrs. Lela’s Famous Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake Recipe
Strawberry Cake Frosting

And Mrs. Lela’s Coconut Layer Pie!

Coconut Layer Pie