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I love children, flowers, and conversation.   I don’t watch tv and I don’t iron.  I am tender hearted and hard headed.

I believe in marriage, foster children, and adoption.  Despite that fact, I have failed at all of them.  I do not regret anything I have attempted and, of course, there are things that I would do differently.

Thirty days ago I didn’t know much about a podcast.  Things have changed.  I obviously don’t know much about a blog either, but I have a precious baby girl who is loyal to her mother.

I love being Southern, at least in the mindset of all that is good.  Relationships are the best and it all began with my Aunt Genevieve.  She lovingly called me by my middle name of Suzette my entire life.  She was my dad’s baby sister.  She spoke her own language-Genevievian.  It was tons of small phrases followed with laughter.  I try to speak it with my close friends whenever possible.

A funny story was always preceded by “Don’t laugh, Suzette”, and I knew that I was about to.  I would love to share the best of us with you as well.

Don’t laugh,


8 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Cheryl,
    You are one of the kindest people I have ever known. You try to find the best out of any situation an person. You show kindness to everyone. I myself look up to you! I am thankful to have a friend like you!

    Carlena Young

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  2. Cheryl,
    She’s not just some lady from a pod cast or “First Lady of Woodstock” or just another blogger. Cheryl is strong, I mean the kind of strength you want in your corner. She stands up for what she believes in, gives her all even if she fails she gets up and will try harder. She’s got piercing blue eyes that’s seen a lot of joy, heartache, and Life. Cheryl is a mother, a wife, a friend,a daughter, but to me she’s my BIG sister. 13 years between us, I was 10 , she was married and had her first child. So, she has played a motherly role in my life. Not the loving kind, but the sisterly kind who will tell you honestly “don’t wear that” & “don’t dare go back down that road” and of course “Don’t laugh”. She has and will pour her heart out into this blog. So get ready y’all for a true look into a modern day southern belle MOVE OVER SCARLETT O’HARA CHERYL DODSON HAS A BLOG!!
    Cheryl you’re my hero. I love you, “baby sister” is proud!
    Andrea your favorite.


  3. I love reading your blog so much. It is so wonderful to hear your words and how they bring back so many memories of my childhood. If only I could see my grandparents and tell them how much I appreciate all they did for me.
    As I grow older, these are the things that mean to most. FAMILY. I miss the days when life was so simple and not so rushed.
    Keep the blogs coming. I am living it with you.


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