Happy birthday to me!

In honor of my 45th birthday, I thought I would impress you with my baking skills.

My first “made from scratch” cake!

I got this idea in my head my senior year of high school that I would never see my friends again.  I just knew I would move to L.A. and be a successful MTV VJ.  Or maybe, I would be a doctor.  I was definitely going to famous, rich, and far, far away.  

After all, Hee Haw had been cancelled and I could no longer dream of growing up and laying on that porch.  The closest I came to being a Hee Haw honey was the time I got arrested.  (No lie-I was wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes and barefoot.  Roy Clark and Buck Owens would have approved of my attire.)

I will save that one for later.

Anyways, I made my friends a birthday cake and I am pretty sure this one was for Charlene Wallace.  If I remember correctly, we were at the library desk when we cut it and someone let out a, “Eeeww!”

That beautiful moist chocolate cake had some yellow object in it.  Had I cooked a bug?  How gross and how embarrassed was I.

There is always a person that has to poke it in every crowd.  I was cringing. 

The repeated pokes revealed a round of laughter.  I swear I used a mixer.  I mean I promise I used one.  

Despite the mixer, I hard boiled three lovely egg yolks inside that cake.  I will never forget it.

Once the mystery was solved, we proceeded to eat it.  

Lesson learned -I never fail to poke and/or whisk my eggs with a fork now.  

And, for the record- believe it or not, I make an awesome pound cake.  I will caution you to slice at your own risk.  But again, that is yet another story. 

My awesome cake today! Thank you Kellye and Reagen.

Don’t laugh, 


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. How funny! You and I share the same birthday! However you have one more years experience than I do. Thank you for writing this blog. You gave me the link to it on the S-town Facebook group and I just love reading your posts.

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