Roll Call…

My collection and obsessions…

If you are interested in being an “humble B”, please let me know.

Call me old school, but I admit that I have a fondness for snail mail.  I work over 50 hours a week and I have honestly loved checking the mail recently.  Your handwritten encouragement has really been wonderful. 

But, I also appreciate the convenience of email.  So, feel free to send your contact information in whatever way that works best for you.

Either way, I would greatly appreciate it.  This is strictly for me to have a way to contact you personally, no other purpose.

I also want to stress that there are no membership exclusions.  I personally struggle with anxiety and depression.  If I can reach out to you and comfort you in any way, that is my ultimate goal. 

I never want this to be considered anything more than a very large support group.  The common emotions and connections from the S-Town podcast have really made me want to raise awareness for suicide prevention and cyberbullying.

Feel free to share your thoughts, I enjoy talking about the positive impact we can achieve.  Any ideas for more group participation projects would be greatly appreciated. 

On a local level, I wanted to see how many people would be interested in a luncheon at the Tin Roof Restaurant on Saturday, August 12th, at noon.  I need some type of RSVP for that so Michelle can be prepared.  I was thinking we could have a nice lunch and enjoy each other’s company.  I also love to promote and support our local businesses.  We can move to my house afterwards.  

I thought it would be a great way for us to talk and share ideas prior to the Woodstock Music Festival on September 23rd.  I want to reserve a booth and 
I want to promote The Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail.  But, I also want to see what else we can do for local causes.  I have met some wonderful people and I want this to continue. 

Thank you so much for your support and interest.  Come see us if at all possible and if you are unable to travel, please send me a note or an email. 

Your friend,


50 Rotenberry Lane 

Woodstock, AL  35188 

4 thoughts on “Roll Call…

  1. Cheryl
    I would love to come for lunch but I think it’s a bit far to go just for lunch so after much thought I have come up with a plan
    If you message me when your having the lunch I will post a photo of me having my lunch ??
    I call it ” lunch from afar ”

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  2. I’m not good with blogs but I saw the spot and thought I would insert this question here: Did you try to book or have you been turned down by the group from Alabama known as St. Paul and the broken bones to get them to perform at the Woodstock Festival?

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