Total Eclipse of the Heart…

It has been 24 hours since kick-off! In West Blocton, there are four seasons-Winter, Spring, Summer and Football!

There is the game. The halftime show. The memories. And the heroes.

When you live in a small town. We know your football number the rest of your life. It is your legacy. It looks odd when I see #13 and #53. Where are my boys?

And don’t even get me started on field goal kickers. JaeYoung Kim. Enough said. For now.

But, there is so much more. To open the season with the story of Billy Joe Young. I remember him. Oh my heart! If that will not humble you, nothing will. The Brookwood field is named after him. A young man paralyzed from a football injury who inspired and befriended for years.

We are so much more than the Tigers! Every small town has their heroes. I am so proud of mine.

In my lifetime, nothing has made me prouder than to be from West Blocton.

For I have had the honor and privilege of watching Sonia Grogan cheer for the Tigers.

I have watched Jodie Farnetti kick a field goal and be crowned Homecoming Queen.

Speaking of Homecoming Queens, Caitlyn Marchant steals the show.

We do not let anything stand in our way. Love has and continues to guide us.

Liam absolutely melts my heart and I am proud beyond words of Emily.

Earlier this week, we scrambled to find last minute glasses to view the eclipse. Priceless on Monday and worthless on Tuesday.

But on Friday night, I needed them again to cover the mascara.

Don’t laugh,


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