Spend the night party at Papa’s!!!

I am so absent minded. I have been going to the post office daily. I have been worried that I have overlooked a request.

If you don’t receive your tags or cards or pamphlet this week, feel free to send a message.

When I was growing up, we went to the circus. Mom took me, Jason, Johnny, and I believe our cousin Danny. We went and got our faces painted. Took pictures. Bought the light up toys.

We get home and the next day my Granny said that mom came to borrow money to pay the power bill.

Granny was so mad. She said she told her, “Jackie- if you did not have the money to pay the bill, why did you take all those kids to the circus?”

Mom’s famous reply was she did not have enough to pay the bill. Granny would later laugh and tell that story as an example of mom.

It fits her. I miss her. I remember the circus. I don’t remember the power being off.

But more importantly, I remember a mom that loved me and did things she could not afford.

Mom was spontaneous. When I look back, I so wish I had been too.

I was the oldest of six kids and thought I knew it all. Ha. Ha.

Time has a way of making me want to call my mom and apologize daily.

Fast forward 20 years –

I am sitting at the Step-n-Style beauty shop on Main Street in lovely West Blocton, Alabama.

Amy Crocker was doing my nails. (I did not have a car, but I was getting my nails done.) I have always said the beauty shop is therapy for me, so I justify the expense.

I begin to tell Amy how when I have extra money in the bank, it is usually because I have forgotten to pay something.

Amy nods and laughs. She gives me a ride home.

I walk in the door to see the family lined up on the couch. I assume they are waiting on me.  I use my best smart aleck voice and say, “Why y’all sitting in the dark?”

Jeff calmly said,

“Try cutting a light on.”

Oops! We had to have a spend the night party at Papa’s!

My friends love that story.

Jeff does not find it as funny.

The kids? They probably would have preferred the circus.

But, Amy Crocker laughs. And, so do I.

Don’t laugh,

Your new absent minded friend,


P.S. Seriously, I will check my list if you do not have your mail by this Friday. I promise I will get your requests to you.

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