It’s not too late-to procrastinate!

Unfortunately, several tags did not make it to be displayed at the Woodstock Music Festival.

After they were taken off the gate, I still have requests. I am about to be mailing some to Dubai!

If you have a tag and have been busy, I completely understand. When you have time, go ahead and send it back.

We love them and are trying to determine the best way to display long term.

If you would like a business card, pamphlet, and maybe a little gold dime. I believe I have one to spare.

Let’s make an effort to spread unity.  We can add information that will help people struggling with depression.  And I find that it helps me to share laughter and love.  sweet.  love.

So get creative.  Find your beautiful.  And put it on a tag.  Express yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


50 Rotenberry Lane

Woodstock, AL 35188

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