The last game…

Our hometown football season is over. I have spent this entire season reliving my boys senior year.

My mind remembers the last game of 2012. West Blocton vs. Greensboro. I don’t remember the score. I don’t remember the details of any of the games at all. I remember my feelings.

The game was over. We were walking up the hill towards our car. The crowd slows down. I was having my own pity party. I would never see my boys suit up again. Three seniors-Colby, Jacob and Jaeyoung.

Someone says, “What is the exchange student doing?”

I turn around.

There is Jae. My Jae.

On the field. Asking permission to kick one last fieldgoal. And he does.

Not to win a championship. Not for points. For love.

One more time that child showed me how precious life can be.

I have spent many years living. I hope I can spend the rest-loving.

That fieldgoal still wins my heart,


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