Don’t try this at home…

We spent the day together at a high school band competition. Three hours in a car and even more than that on concrete bleachers gives you time to think.

And one thing that I realize is that I get more credit than I deserve for getting things done.

I have to admit that my secret weapon is my sister-in-law Shea.

She probably never knows what to expect when I call.

Coming from me, “Whatcha doing Shea?”, is pretty dangerous.

We laugh because in over 20 years, Shea has only told me no once. (And I guess I don’t blame her, because I really shouldn’t have asked her to remove stitches.)

That is just one more example as to why I am kinda famous for calamities and impatience.

But every other time, I can call up that sweet girl and she will show up-regardless. My friends say they wish they had a Shea.

And I have to agree, everyone needs a Shea. Just please don’t take mine.

Together, I am positive that we have moved more furniture than most professionals. I have to give her credit for saving my life just last month from a run away headboard.

When we have a family get-together, she usually brings whatever dish we request-usually her green bean casserole. She even washes dishes so that after everyone is gone, my house is clean.

When she has brought me homemade chicken and dumplings along with her sweet self, I find out she has already delivered some to my Daddy.

But one of her miraculous feats was the summer that she babysat all of our kids.


Talk about babysitting, that is definitely worthy of an Olympic Gold Medal. Or maybe a Congressional Medal of Honor.

I am not sure, but I would definitely argue that it qualified her for a Lifetime Achievement Award and 2006 Aunt of the Year.

Stories of her patience and rewards for good behavior with indoor hide-and-go seek are still told to this day.

She could definitely tell so many stories about my shenanigans.

I called her one time and told her to stay on the phone while I took a light fixture down. I managed to drop the light fixture and scream and the phone went dead. We laugh because she says she remembers thinking, “Do I call 911?”

Believe it or not, 911 was not necessary that day.

But, we have come close a few times more than I care to admit.

I should definitely be a “Don’t try this at home…” spokeswoman. Shea could vouch for that.

She has made emergency rides and met me halfway with kids who had broken arms and broken braces.

Just last night, she stayed up until 2 in the morning and washed four band uniforms for competition.

So when we came home tonight from band competition, one trophy was missing.

Where do you find an award for running forgotten lunch money to school? Burying my Dad’s beloved dog? Cutting a cake for party of 1,500? Hiding a mattress? Not telling Jeff about my bright ideas gone bad?

You don’t.

Over the years, we have shared everything from a wedding dress to responsibility for filling out paperwork for Papa.

I would not have it any other way.

And if there is a gold standard for friendship and family,

Rikki Shea Acker- I rank you all 1’s.


Best in class.

It really would not have hurt you to remove just a few stitches Shea,

Don’t laugh and I love you,


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