I hope you dance…

June 1, 1990.

Graduation Night.

I was a rebel with white shorts under my cap and gown.

Crossing the stage 1st as Cheryl Acker and taking my seat.

The other rebel was at the other end of the alphabet.

Speeches, blurred voices, claps…

You know the ceremony.

And then, William Thrasher is announced.

Better known as Bubba, he checks his diploma and shakes hands.

But he doesn’t exit the stage.

He turns, faces the crowd and does “a celebratory dance move” which left us all laughing.

You don’t remember much about graduation, but you remember that.

Years go by and we live our lives.

Then 12 years ago, we cross paths again.

In tragedy.

We lost our classmate-my ex-husband Wade and his best friend.

We arrived at Mr. and Mrs. Dailey’s driveway at the same time. We walk in together in silence.

I always think when the worst in life shows up, so does the best.

We have shared a Mom in Mrs. Dailey for a few years now.

And then the dreaded news-Cancer.

But do you lay down?

Absolutely not.

Just like the rest of your life, you show up and show out.

I have never seen anything more beautiful than you and your daughter last year at Homecoming.

Facing battles with courage and laughter.

Your journey ended here yesterday, but your story didn’t.

I hope you left this world and showed out in Heaven.

I can think of several friends and family who were glad to see you.

And when Bubba Thrasher’s arrival was announced, I hope you danced.

We will miss you.


And we will also always remember you with a smile,

The Class of 1990

10 thoughts on “I hope you dance…

  1. Didn’t know Bubba but know a lot of people who did. Nothing but good and positive words spoken about him from all. Rest In Peace Bubba


  2. Bubba was the sweetest most respectful guy. He had a smile that would light up a dark room and a laugh that echoed afar. You will be missed by many but never forgotten. Fly high and Rest In Peace.


  3. It’s hard to find my happy place right now, as Bubba instructed me to do countless times. This is a beautifully perfect description of the Bubba I know and will love forever. It is hard to watch an amazing man so full of zest for life and love for everyone be taken so soon. The world was a better place because of Bubba. I will be forever grateful that God saw fit to bless my life with a friend named Bubba Thrasher. He has made me laugh so hard I cut one loose (yep -farted) and, yesterday he made me cry so hard that my eyeballs were sore. Oh my heart. I can’t even imagine the heartache that Tashia and kids are feeling, I wish I could make this all be one big bad dream. Bubba was the best and I wish he could’ve stayed with us longer.


  4. I worked with Bubba for years at Mercedes and I have to say he was the funny guy.. the best memory I have of Bubba was the way he talked about his family…he adored his wife and kids..He will truly be missed at Mercedes…R.I.H Bubba..War Eagle!


  5. Bubba was such a good hearted fun to be around person, he always has you laughing. He definitely will be missed. He was loved by so many . He enjoyed life to the fullest.


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