Free Soup…

In the last few months, Jeff and I have made many changes. We sold our home of 18 years. We moved into a small apartment. And now we are about to build our new home.

This has been one of the things we always said we would love to do one day. Now that day is here.

When you have to downsize, there are so many decisions to make. The most difficult task for me is letting go of sentimental things.

My favorite possessions have handwriting. A few weeks ago, I found this recipe from Daddy.

Free Soup

A little pen and ink can make me teary eyed.

I loved his handwriting with the capitol letters. He underlined words like an old card from my Aunt Mamie. And then when he doesn’t put any measurements for the ingredients, it makes me smile.

That is just like Daddy.

This is the perfect recipe for him because he loved to cook for the crowd. Big pots of concoctions that you ate for days.

“Go in there and fix you a bowl, it’s on the stove. And cut the light off when you come out of the kitchen.”

I guess the soup was free, but the “juice” a.k.a. electric bill wasn’t…

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