The Unexpected…

One minute you are 18 and your whole life is ahead of you.

You have all of these plans.

Great expectations.

And then you are suddenly at a crossroads.

Somehow you choose and you choose and you choose.

One day you realize that you are not where you planned to be and you feel like an absolute failure.

You feel depressed.

You compare yourself to others and you come up short.

You beat yourself up about the decisions you made at 21, 34 and yesterday.

How come your life has turned out so very different from all of your plans?

How much life do you even have left?

And then along comes a granddaughter.

Imperfection becomes more beautiful than anything you could ever imagine.

Taking in the world with all of your senses.

You dress her up for Easter.

She drinks the dye and smashes the eggs.

Her behind is muddy and her socks are ruined.

All of a sudden you see a little of yourself in that cross between a princess and a goat whisperer.

And you like yourself a little more.

Even love.

All of those decisions led you to today and it is perfect.

And very muddy.

If your life today is tough, grab life by the horns and hang on.

And one day like me, I believe you will say a little prayer of thankfulness for the unexpected…

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