Full Circle…

The Woodstock Music Festival was a success once again. For 4 years, our little town shows up and celebrates the beauty of life through sunshine, hospitality, wildflowers and music.

Behind the scenes, you cannot imagine the work that goes into it from the planning to the cleanup. Months of t-shirts, phone calls and a little bit of cross your fingers…

I promise you that what it requires is not in the job description.

But everyone does not have a Tiffney.

Thankfully at the Town of Woodstock, we do.

Behind the scenes…

I can not think of anyone who could do it better.

I can’t remember not knowing her.

From 1st grade to our senior year, she was and has always been loyal, hard-working and just plain decent.

It’s no surprise that she was our Homecoming Queen and she still reigns today as our Town Clerk.

When the opening for her position became available and her name was mentioned, I honestly didn’t think she would be interested in the job. I am so thankful that she was.

We have the most talented and over-qualified staff of any small town out there.

People will thank me for an event that I get to enjoy because she has it handled.

Thank you is never enough.

I guess when I see her, I still remember us as young girls.

In a blur, we double-dated, got married and began to have our children…

Then in an instant, time stood still.

Down’s syndrome and Cancer were diagnosed.

Her precious baby girl Torrey and her beloved Daddy, Bud Cook, were buried 5 months apart.

It has been 26 years and I still don’t know how she got up from that. Maybe, just maybe, it was for that other sweet baby girl who was on the way.

Tiffney and her beloved family.

But when anyone else would have given up and no one would have blamed her, she bought a piece of land and started her own successful business.

Ironically, her investment property became part of the site where the Woodstock Town Hall is now located.

She continues to take care of her family and still manages to embrace life and all of its beauty.

I have always admired her for that.

She not only has grit, but a kind heart and I promise you that it is a beautiful combination.

You will never see her bad side unless you mess with her family. And then, you are on your own. And don’t say I haven’t warned you.

Thank you Tiffney for including this town within your protective nature. For not only loving us, but making sure that we can be proud of our hometown.

The best people in life do things for others ahead of themselves, thank you for being one of them.

On behalf of our beloved small town, a grateful Mayor and Town Council, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now I know you won’t listen to me because you have a million things to manage and a graduation party to plan, but please go get some rest. You deserve it.

Some people think you have to move away from home in a small town to attain success, but Tiffney is the perfect example of the hometown girl who can be successful right where she is located. Thank you Tiffney for coming full circle.


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