Famous last words

I was the Town Clerk for the Town of Woodstock from 1997-2005.  When Jeff mentioned an interest in running for Mayor last year, I told him that he had no idea of what he was getting into. 

Well,  neither did I, apparently.  He took office in November 2016 and I came home to interview with Brian Reed in December.  I really didn’t know what a podcast was.  I do now.

I had worked 11 hours that day and then came home and talked 3 or 4 more.  After Brian left the house, I still remember my famous last words, “What’s it matter, nobody is going to listen anyway”.

Jeff predicted later that night that he was the Mayor of S-Town and I was the star.  I absolutely panicked when I saw the preview this March.  I did not know what I had participated in. 

It took me a week to get through it, my heart was so heavy.  My life was described beautifully, others I love, were not edited so kindly.  Guilt and remorse still linger.  I wish I would have said more, I have a problem with wanting to fix things. 

Thirty days later, this is my way of coping.  Maybe it is a mid-life crisis, maybe menopause, but I am betting on just plain crazy.  You know it runs in the family. 

Don’t laugh, 


3 thoughts on “Famous last words

  1. Dear Cheryl, hello from the south west of England!
    I only found your blog today, and I have only read a little way so far, but I just had to comment on what you say in ‘Famous Last Words’ – “My life was described beautifully, others I love, were not edited so kindly. Guilt and remorse still linger” – Firstly I really love the way you talk about John B in S-town – you really add to the humorous side of his personality – the nail polish anecdote is so funny! It saddens me to think you feel any remorse or guilt, I honestly don’t believe you have any reason to feel that way, please try not to. Something else you say in ‘Famous Last Words’ really got me thinking you say “I wish I would have said more, I have a problem with wanting to fix things” I wonder how you would feel about Brian revisiting Woodstock to discuss how hugely popular S-town has been, with the folks who took part in the podcast. Maybe that would provide you with any opportunity to ‘say more’ or ‘fix’ what ever it is you feel needs fixing? Just a thought. Maybe this blog of yours can satisfy that need? I will certainly continue to read your blog and I wish you well in all your endeavours.

    Kind regards, Jacqui

    PS. Your pink dogwood tree in full bloom is stunning & I love the Mastercrafters swinging girl clock – so much so, that I have also been checking eBay today myself!!


    1. I have done an interview since the podcast and was left with the same feeling. I guess you can never explain everything. I am hoping this blog will fix a few things. I didn’t tell about the clock until it arrived, because I thought I might drive the price up on E-bay and punish myself.
      Thank you for everything you took the time to say. Have a great day!


  2. Hi Cheryl, don’t Miss a Chance to Say Farewell to your Loved Ones, i strive to help everyone store their last words in the form of a video and deliver them to their loved ones in case of death. Treasured Your Memories And Wishes With Love Today.

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