The beauty of Dodsonville 

We bought this house 15 years ago from Reta and Charlie Lawrence; long before they were known as “the cousins”.  It was Reta’s grandmother’s old home, better known around here then as “The Reynold’s Place”.

We counted the other night and at least 13 people have lived with us at different times other than our own children.  Jeff says some people take in stray dogs,but I take in stray people.  I would not have it any other way. I love to laugh and I love company.  Life doesn’t seem to have enough of either these days.

I also love my flowers and my neighbors.  I especially love mid-spring when my pink dogwood blooms.  I look forward to rounding the corner on my way home and seeing it show off to the neighborhood.  Mrs. Lela Rotenberry  (for obvious reasons, our street is her namesake -and no, it is not rotten berry, it is pronounced like row) will drive by slowly, roll down her window and compliment it.

My older children have posed for many pictures in front of it and in it.  It has been decorated with Easter eggs and rolled with toilet paper numerous times around football season.  I am betting it now being the Mayor’s house and a new teenager in residence will highly increase the likelihood of that happening again in the future.

Recently, Reagen has made it our “To Kill A Mockingbird” tree and we fill it with Boo Radley treasures.  My nephew Aaron loves to dig them out.  We love to look for refills of happy meal toys and dollar store trinkets.

But, we cannot fail to mention the time Jacob climbed in it and got his shoe stuck. He still says he called me over and over.  Talk about a bad mom moment, he fell asleep and then fell out.  Dust your butt off son, you lived.

Don’t laugh,


Spring on 50 Rotenberry Lane
Friday night snow in the Fall

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