There’s more to the Door

My living room

Cheryl (403 of 418).jpg

I have been thankful that this door was in the spotlight.  It has always meant so much to me.

There are so many things it represents to me.  It was originally the laundry door and now it goes to a bedroom.  The fact that I always felt like I could take it with me made me feel better about it, even though I do not plan to go anywhere.

This is the longest I have ever been in one place.  We moved and moved and moved.  My mom was divorced and I honestly think we moved every time the rent was due.  No fault of hers, life is hard.  I understand that now more than ever.

I do not hang onto things.  I do not like clutter.  Unless it has meaning.  Then, I cannot let go.  The door has grown up with Reagen.  We have lived in this house since she was born.

It has children, parents, and grandparents.  And the hope of tomorrow, because this year it debuts grandchildren.  I have foster parented and I am excited now to foster grandparent.  We also have a grandbaby on the way with our oldest coming in July.

Another and more important aspect of the door is that it has more than one absence.  John B. is gone.  But car accidents also claimed Insanely Mischievous Drew, and Funny Sweet Caitlyn has been injured permanently.  It teaches me to take nothing for granted.

I hope to continue this tradition of adding names even if I have to start on the back.  It has become my prized possession.

And when my grandkids come over, I hope I have patience.  I was in too big of a hurry with my own kids and it has went by just like they say-way too fast. And, if I am lucky enough to get down in the floor and play, I hope someone is there to help me get back up.

Don’t laugh,


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