My first thought was…

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The Doggy Mansion, Thanks Koli!

A Facebook post was my first attempt at telling my side of the story.  There were some very positive ideas and it made me want to share more of our way of life.  Here is what I posted:

I love Woodstock.  I love to look out my kitchen window and remember birthday parties.  My brother Johnny ended one early with his bright idea to throw fireworks in the kiddie pool.  I can still see him doing the limbo with the kids while I fussed and washed dishes.  I remember apologizing while parents grabbed their kids and got the hell out of my yard.  I wish I had went outside and played a little more now.

When Johnny passed away in 2007, I called and told John B. I would not be making a payment because of funeral expenses that ended up being paid for by the Burt family. He was brokenhearted.  He loved my brother.  EVERYBODY did.

Every business sent flowers.  We grieved together.  This whole town.  I remember the rustle of clothing at his funeral service and turning around at the church and being amazed at how many people were behind us.  It felt like the whole town was standing at the cemetery.

I guess what I am trying to say is when the worst shows up, so does the best.  I wish with all of my heart, I could have saved John B.

I would have loved to have seen the maze with him as my tour guide.  I know without a doubt, that was what he wanted to show me.  That and the 10 dogs of mine he was raising.

It was my lab that got killed by a car and he bottlefed them.  I never dreamed he would keep all 10.  Only John B. lol-he had my brother Johnny build them a doggy mansion.

Keith Majors said my brother Johnny could do a great John B.  impression and I bet he could.  I am so very thankful for my memories.  I have the cart he pulled my children in.

If we can learn anything, let’s be a little kinder to those who are a little different.

John B. and Mary Grace are listed in Reagen’s baby book as sending me a baby shower gift.

I am driving myself and Todd Jones crazy looking for the clock he fixed me.  As I look, I see my chandelier that Kellye Burt gave me and my friend Lee Vandergriff Headrick installed.  Me and power tools are a whole other story.

Crystal Moore Phipps hangs onto my fingernail polish and my heartstrings.  Jeff Dodson says some people take in stray dogs and I take in stray people.

I think I always thought I helped John B., listening to the podcast, I realized 20 years ago this divorced single mom was one of his projects too.  I remember mentioning I love the Goo Goo Dolls.  He brought me every CD.  He made me CD’s.  One was interrupted with his own rap song.

I hope everyone touched by this story, will go and plant a sky pencil holly or something rare, he loved the unusual of course.

All of my boys -Colby Dodson, Jacob Acker and Rahsheen Dickson have worked at KyKenKee.

My home may be S-Town but I love it and so did John B.  He truly just loved to fuss and to gossip.  All Southerners do.

When you have a choice, do the limbo!

2 thoughts on “My first thought was…

  1. Cheryl, you are right. Everybody loved Johnny!! He was my best friend in high school and now I’m very blessed to have you as my very sweet amazing friend. You are a inspiration to all and a true Southern lady. I love you and thank you for being so dear and sweet!!


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