Louise please

I spoke to Maya today.   I have always heard there are two sides to every story.  I now think there are no longer sides, but dots.  And maybe, just maybe, I can do my best to connect them.

You have bragging rights around here if Mrs. Hicks sews for you.  She is a highly talented seamstress.  I was always told she made my first beauty walk dress in a way you talk about designer  clothing.  That must be why I can still remember the details of a dress I wore only once almost 40 years ago.

You can keep your New York fashion week gown, I have worn Irene. It had a raised dot on the pale pink fabric and it was precious.  A dream come true dress for me.

Maya and I went to high school together.  She was beautiful, intelligent and cool.  Some things never change.

We talked about this podcast and life and perspectives and John B.  She reminded me of his love for eating leftovers.  I smiled.  Yes he did love leftovers.  No waste for him.

The worry in her voice made me sad.  I have worried and lost sleep and cried since this story aired.  There is a difference when your worry is about your children and their future.

My Granny Wese (Louise couldn’t be pronounced by my brother Jason) was friends with Mrs. Irene.  Granny told me Maya was named after her. So was my daughter.

Reagen Jolie was the name Jeff and I agreed upon.  At the hospital, Granny begged me to name that baby after her.  Mother told me not to.  Mother said she had enough people named after her.  For my grandmother, Ollie Louise, had named her daughter, my mother, Jacquelyn Louise.  Uncle Tommy named my cousin Melissa Louise.  So Reagen Jolie Louise was named and the common tie with our families carried on.

I kinda agree with mom.  Three namesakes is enough.  Granny got four. She was known for excess.

In all fairness to John B., when I put up the for sale sign to my property, I got sued by Granny too.  Truth is stranger than fiction, because Kendall bought my property.  He now owns the former Woodstock Garden Center.

Life is hard and funny.  Reagen gets mad when we call her Louise.  It is an underlying way of saying, you are acting bad.

Stop it Louise, is not funny to her.  Aunt Genevieve used to tell her we left Louise under the yum yum tree in Clanton to make her feel better.

I have been contacted by people from different parts of the country who relate to us.  Maya pointed out that if you take us out of it and step back from the story, you can understand.

But, can you understand the need for 4 namesakes?  Only my Granny.  Maya told me Louise was also an Aunt on her father’s side.  Funny, that is also what we tell Reagen.

Speaking of names, in light of recent events (S-Town), Louise is the last name we have worried about.

Don’t laugh,


Small town, high fashion 

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