Tomato Sandwiches

My beautiful Mother

I remember going to the Tiger Hut, our local burger joint, and thinking my mother was crazy when she asked Mrs. Carolyn Lemley to make her a tomato sandwich.

Throughout the years, I thought mother was crazy alot.  My anger I blamed on her.  She would laugh and say I had a better “go to hell” look than Scarlett O’Hara.  That only made me madder.

This weekend will be my first Mother’s Day without her.  I have thought of her so much and I hope that I am reacting in a way that would make her proud.   She was always my biggest fan.

The funny thing about mom’s order is I now love tomato sandwiches.  But, you have to eat them properly in my book.

Tomato Sandwich Etiquette:

  • Fresh road side stand, bragging rights, home grown (or neighbor gifted) in season tomatoes
  • Fresh Sunbeam old fashioned bread because the slices are thicker
  • Bama Mayonnaise
  • Salt and pepper

And, most importantly, if someone is nice enough to “fix” your plate, say thank you and mean it.

I have said mother was crazy and I take after her more every day.  I can say that.  But you can’t.

Don’t laugh,


P.S.  Thank you mom for your kindness and unselfishness.  Believe it or not, I am not so angry anymore.  And thank you for reminding me that when someone is talking about you, they are giving someone else a break.

My dining room and my favorite sandwich

6 thoughts on “Tomato Sandwiches

  1. You have the perfect recipe for a tomato sandwich, that’s the same way we like ours also. Same everything, and I like a little extra pepper!

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  2. I found you through Twitter. My daughter and I listened to S-Town when it first came out and fell in love with John B and Woodstock. So I am starting at the beginning. We also live in Alabama. My Momma died 9 years ago. It wrecked me. To the point that I didn’t think I would ever recover. I did. I still miss her every day but the grief goes away. And my Momma loved tomato sandwiches and so do I!

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  3. I’m so glad I found this! I listened to S-Town twice the week I heard about. I usually have it going in the car when driving. I live in Helena but my family is in Fosters (Tuscaloosa Co) so I drive 13-12-11 instead of taking the interstate. I drive through Green Pond and think of John B/S-Town. The first time I passed KyKenKee/K3 after listening I totally fan girlIed know the his home and land have been sold but I’d sure love to see that maze.
    Anyway, I’m really enjoying this blog! I hope you have a great day!

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