This is how we roll…

Courtesy of My Sweet Friend Crystal Moore Phipps

Mrs. Brittany Bivins, from CBS Channel 42 News (WIAT), asked Jeff about interviewing me last week.  He said she was a sweet girl and Jeff has always had good instincts on people.  He sent her my number and we agreed on last Wednesday evening.

I called her back later and said, “Don’t eat before you come over”.  I wanted her to eat “supper” with us at the interview.  We placed our best to offer on the table for sweet Brittney.

Taste of Woodstock Menu:

Trackside BBQ, Jeff and Aler George

  • Boston butt and BBQ sauce
  • Potato salad
  • Peanut butter pie

Mrs. Lela Rotenberry, “Aunt Lela”

  • Strawberry cake
  • Coconut dessert

Mrs. Billie Dailey,  “Joe Mammie”

  • Banana Pudding

Mrs. Kellye Burt

  • Biscuit Pudding

And of course,

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Hawaiian Rolls
  • Sweet Tea

We were ready.  I wanted her to see our hometown best.  I think she did.  We pride ourselves on hospitality and you cannot leave without a hug and a to-go plate.  (And, without needing a nap from the sugar high.)

Don’t Laugh,


P.S.  Recipes and Interview will be coming soon!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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