Let’s Go Crazy…

I have always loved to make people laugh.  I think it makes me feel mischievous and a little rebellious.

I have certain people I want to make laugh.  I search for them because I have one of my latest adventures and I can not wait to tell them.  I literally will interrupt you, even though I know better, because I am so excited and simply cannot wait to tell you my funny story.  Some of my friends have labelled them as my “Shirley” stories.

When I was in high school, we made speeches to campaign for office.  I loved getting up in front of the school and on this particular election day, I was going to do a parody of Prince.

I can still remember, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called an election.” And so on, until I had my own version of the opening of, “Let’s go crazy”.

Teachers whispered that I was making fun of a preacher.  I think I remember having to explain myself to those that had never heard the song.

But, one side of the gym was howling laughing.   I was so proud of myself.   I walked over to a friend and said with a smile, “You thought I was funny, didn’t you?”

She was still laughing as she said, “No girl, your sweater was in your crack.”

My pride turned to humiliation of course.   It now makes me laugh at myself. Regardless, it is funny, unless it is you and you are 14.

It has also made for a good mom story when the kids came home and were embarrassed about something.  I could “one up” them with my “don’t feel bad, I did it in front of the whole school” story.

My kids don’t want a mom story, they want sympathy.  I wanted a laugh and boy did I get one.  Even until this day!

Don’t laugh, 


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