My therapist is a beautician…

Once a month, I have to get my beauty shop fix.  I am in great hands with Rhonda, Misty, Sheila, Sam, Alma, and Linda.  That is not even counting all the ladies who have appointments.  I always feel welcome.  I work 60 hours a week and was having a hard time finding someone to take care of me.

My precious sister-in-law Shea told me about the Tannehill Salon.  It is located off of Exit 100 and is located in a cute little building.  I love that every station has its own color of antiques. We may not be the Steel Magnolia’s, but Dolly herself would be proud because we are funny, if I do say so myself. 

When I lost my mom, Jan (she is my sister-in-law Shea’s mother) was sitting in Rhonda’s chair and told me back in school she remembered my mother’s beautiful smile.  Nothing is more healing than to have a new memory of someone you have lost. 

But, the majority of the time we are laughing to the point of hysteria.  I tell Rhonda to pose for a picture in front of the shop and this is what I get.

Rhonda cannot behave and Misty laughs at us both

All jokes aside, there is a healing power in their job.  I believe the therapy lies in the power of company, and touch, and laughter, and fussing.

I get to vent and know that I have the confidence of friends.  It lets me know that I am not alone, and we all have our share of life’s daily troubles.  It also is wonderful knowing you can share the worst side of you and they love you anyway.

Rhonda was supposed to take a picture, but instead took a video.  I am sharing because it shows exactly what I am talking about.  This is me-no make-up, jogging pants (minus the jogging, plus the jiggling), laughing and trying to explain about the purpose of my blog.  When I start leaving, my cares have gone and so have my roots!

Don’t laugh,


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