I’m not really a blogger…

One crazy story started it all…

This is me and I have never been so overwhelmed.  But, in a good way.  I have had 11,000 plus views in the 10 or more days that I have been doing this.

I have paid the expense and it is my own thing.  Simply Cheryl.  

(No paid endorsements, unless Lean Cuisine or ULTA is interested.  HELLO!!!)

Next week, I will be 45.  I have always felt like a calamity.  I knew my intentions, but I usually end up way off track.  Somehow it works.

The support I have received has been amazing.  I have reconnected with childhood friends, got messages from relatives, and made new friends in the process. 

I loved this:

National Nail Polish Day-I love it!

I would love to tell you I know where I am going with this.

But. I. Don’t. Know. 

Story of my life.

I have had requests for stories and reminisced with family and friends for new ones. Some stories bear scars on my skin, others on my heart.

One thing I am trying the hardest to do is show you the best of us.  No hidden agenda.  No greed.  No problem. 

We can look anywhere for the wrong in life.  I myself can look in the mirror or my past and find enough of that.

If you choose to hang in here, put on your rose colored glasses, grab the handle and I will stomp the gas.

I have no bucket list, when you have lived like me, you don’t need one. 

Don’t laugh, 


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