Open house and open mouths…

I just wanted to extend the invitation again to those of you who can possibly attend our yard sale this Saturday beginning at 7am.

You will be amazed at how hard I have worked on the inside of my house for a yard sale.  I am bruised and sore, not to mention “the incident”.

I decorated my buffet beautifully, lit the candles, and took a picture of my handiwork.   It was just off center “a tad”.  I evened it up and the next thing I knew…

Well, let me just say in my lifetime, you can not make this stuff up.  The next thing I was doing was “hollering” to Jeff that, “I have caught the lamp shade on fire!”

It is alright, I was able to unscrew the top off and throw it in the yard before he got to me off of the couch.  (If I had known that, I would not have called him, believe me.) I got one of those shaking my head looks and it did not help the fact that Reagen actually got up and stood behind him copying.  Especially knowing that I normally have to call her 3 times to make her get up normally.

So come see my house, I insist!  We do not visit enough these days and I want some company!

Past yard sales that I have attended with my Aunt Genevieve were spent browsing for bargains and figuring out how we were or who you were “kinned to”.

I will not disappoint you Saturday.  I would love to talk with you regarding my beloved Woodstock, which I am realistic and know that it may be your S-Town.  You can come see my cart and other John B. McLemore things.

We have lots of bargains and good food.  I have invited a porch full of people to hang out.  So please come.

I will try to remember for you and not catch the house on fire in the process.

 I am sore from moving furniture and I want to be sore from laughing!  Take the road trip to nowhere and come see a bunch of nobodies.

Don’t laugh,


4 thoughts on “Open house and open mouths…

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun … just a tad too far to travel but lucky those in the surrounding area. This is a lovely thing to do and connect with people. Please post some pics Cheryl x

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