The Tin Foil Gardenias…

Today is the big day!  I will be hosting The Yard Sale Extravaganza along with my precious friend Crystal!  

But ironically, this is also the 25th Anniversary of Steel Magnolias.  I have always loved the movie and its characters. I feel like I know these women.  They are so similar to the women who raised me.  I want to be more like them.  I am far from it, but I so admire strength acquired in adversity.  

The back story is even more important to me.  I read an article that it was written in response to the death of his sister.

He noticed how the women coped with death so differently from the men.  In the midst of their grief, conversations were interrupted by whether or not some dish needed more salt. 

My laughter and joy tomorrow does not disrespect or diminish my loss of John B. McLemore. 

I am not Steel, I have the resilience of tin foil.  I crumple, but I manage to smooth myself out and be able to be used again.

And although, I would love to be an elegant Magnolia, I consider myself a Gardenia.  In one way, if you prune me correctly, I can blossom even more.  And, if you brush by easy, there is a beautiful fragrance.  I planted one by my front door for that exact reason. 

Unfortunately, that gardenia resides in the former location of the camellia.  It was overgrown when I bought the house and I cut it down.  I wish I would have just cut it back now. 

John B. McLemore and Mrs. Mary Grace both let me have it over that camellia. They told me it was one of the largest around in a way that I knew they had discussed this privately before confronting me.

It is funny now, I am thinking about planting one this month in memory.

But back to tomorrow, Mrs. Nanette just brought me five dozen sugar cookies and said, “keep writing!”  I am forever grateful for the encouragement.  I have not seen her much recently but she just thanked me for allowing her to bring something.  I am honored to know her and be her friend. 

Shea went to the grocery store and picked up lemons and creamer. Jomamie has made her famous banana pudding. Kellye has bestowed me with countless thrift store treasures including her own bathtub rug because she knew it would look good in front of my tub.  And it does, if I do say so myself.  

And I do.

I also say we run errands, we borrow, we cook.

And, we comfort.  (Sometimes with sugar and flour.)  We have a pound cake,tomato pie and biscuits coming in the morning.  

But, behind the scenes, my bright ideas always run me and my support group into last minute deadlines.

In these perilous times, you have to call in the cavalry and by that I mean Glen Smith.  He is my Aunt Genevieve’s son.

And tonight, we hung a chandelier!

And by we, I mean him.  I promised him a steak dinner and I didn’t even give him a bologna sandwich. 

I always think when I have company over that people are going to inspect my home.  I know they are not.  I guess it just comes down to a reason or deadline to get things done.

The coffee and creamer will be ready bright and early in Woodstock, or if you prefer, S-Town.

These are the best of us and I am so excited!  Mrs. Lela and Jomamie are going to come over along with several of my friends.  So, please come see us at 50 Rotenberry Lane and hang out and laugh, laugh, laugh!  

If you buy something, I hope you bring change or a check.  In all this hoopla, I forgot to go by the bank and get change.

Don’t laugh,

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