The Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail…

I work so much better with a project.  Lately, I have been feeling like I had no direction.   I wanted to do something beautiful and lasting to bring attention to suicide prevention and awareness. 

I also wanted something John B. McLemore and S-Town fans could participate in regardless of geography and at a minimal cost.

I am extremely thrilled that it was even named by one on Twitter. Thank you Jennifer Jones, I love that name. The Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail will symbolize beauty and friendship and so much more.

Unfortunately, suicide is not an isolated incident.  It is a tragic epidemic.

If you would like to participate,  please send your seed packets to:

Cheryl Dodson 

50 Rotenberry Lane 

Woodstock, AL  35188

As a side note, Reagen wants to do an art project with her world map and the seed packets.  Feel free to send notes or packets in memory of someone you love.  We will spread the seeds and the love!

Thank you so very much.  I want this to be a beautiful memorial for years to come.  Please share and send to anyone who would like to participate. 

With much love and gratitude, 


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