A not so secret society…

What do you stand for?  I have questioned myself so much recently.  Especially in moments of adversity when I honestly have wanted to sit back down, or worse, hide in the dark.

In those depressing times, it has been kindness that has made me continue.  I cannot begin to thank those of you who have taken the time to send emails and private messages.  You have no idea how much that encouragement was needed and appreciated.

And now that we are receiving the seeds for the Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail, I have wanted to thank each of you personally.

My wonderful friend, Crystal is designing a postcard so that we can send a handwritten thank you for your efforts.

My precious friend Kellye, has offered to host a brainstorm session where we can continue to promote kindness.  (And, I want to add a biscuit pudding tutorial.)

In our efforts to name the wildflower project, Reagen wanted to include a “B” in the name.  She loved the fact that John said his friends called him John B.  But, the Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail was just too perfect a name for him and suicide awareness.

So, we will include that “B” in the thank you instead. 

A note from the humble B’s…

 I also wanted to invite you to become members of a “not-so-secret society”.

Crystal gets the credit for naming this one-

I am honored to welcome you to the 

“humble B’s”

If you would like to be an “humble B”, it is my responsibility to inform you that congratulations are in order!  

Your application has been approved.  Your membership fee is kindness.  

Please join us today in our efforts to “B” kind to those who are a little different or simply:

  • B.eautiful
  • E.ccentric 
  • E.ncouragement 

    If you are local, hopefully we can meet and brainstorm by the end of July.  I also have a few local causes that I want us to support. But, I may have another bright idea any minute.

    If you are distant, please send your ideas in to promote all that is good.  Who knows what else we can only dream and accomplish together.   I believe John B. McLemore’s S-Town and my beloved Woodstock will be one and the same again. We both loved a good project!

    Thank you kindly from the humblest B,

    8 thoughts on “A not so secret society…

    1. Cheryl I think this is a brilliant idea and with the support of others no matter how near or far together we can all make a difference in people’s lives.

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    2. What a wnderful way to encourage and support or friends, families and peoplecthat need friends. Im on board. Thank you for posting and allow anyone to be apart of this society for the good of all society.

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