I always knew you two would start a cult…

My labor of love and letters combined

When I, along with all of you, started the Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail, my mind was spinning in circles.

I finally feel like I have some direction and it is a wonderful feeling.  My beloved project represents so many beautiful people-those we lost and those that loved them.

The destinations for my thank you notes are wonderful because they lead back to all of you.

Today, I am mailing a few thank you notes.
I am always amazed with the wide range of emotions and connections and addresses.  It is so beautiful.

I searched for something special and I believe I have found it.  I am requesting all recipients to keep their contents secret at this time.

If you will join us, I will send your note to you.  I enjoy group participation so much. And, I just know that our common ground will continue to grow and accomplish a great outcome.

I cannot end without laughing.  Mr. Arlet Moore is my loyal friend Crystal’s Dad. Crystal’s daughter Karlyn calls him “Choo Choo”.  Ironically, he currently drives the Choo Choo at the Riverchase Galleria 3 days a week.

Now that I have introduced him, I want to say that I just love him.  Growing up and to this day, he always knows how to make us laugh.

Everybody loves a Choo Choo!

We were so proud of our thank you notes Crystal designed and his reply was noted above, “I always knew you two would start a cult.”

For clarity, Choo Choo, it is called a Hive.

Don’t laugh and try a little honey,

All Aboard!!!!

The humble B’s (Cheryl and Crystal and Kellye and Reagen and YOU!!!)

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