Welcome to Woodstock Music Festival 2017!

I am so very thankful for the wonderful people that I have met recently.  I tend to get a little excited and I worry that I will overwhelm them sometimes.

The back of the door begins!

I am helping with 4 vendors at the Woodstock Music Festival and I am very excited.

  1. Bibb County Pet Welfare
  2. Prizm Photography
  3. Suicide Prevention and Outreach
  4. Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail
Jaq Davis sent this rare beauty!

Our brainstorm meeting today was beautiful and exciting.  I think we found a crossroad where Woodstock and S-Town fans will both be thrilled.

Live Music, Great Food, and Vendors will support our Senior Nutrition and Activity Center/Homebound Meal Program and Woodstock Dixie Youth.

We are going to have an interactive guest book.  I want everyone to leave your Mark!

I also never like to leave anyone out.  If time or distance keeps you from being able to attend, I would love for you to send a postcard.

Just like the wildflowers, I will be glad to check the mail!  I will display for all to see!

We marked the map and would love to share it with you!

Please come see us and/or participate.  I love to read your messages of encouragement and would love for the Woodstock Music Festival attendees to see them.

So come see us in person or if you choose to mail a postcard, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank You!

Cheryl Dodson

50 Rotenberry Lane

Woodstock, AL  35188


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