Therapeutic Planning…

If you love to talk, blurt out bright ideas and dream up a good time, I would love to meet you.

We are going to have a party/therapy session Sunday, July 30th at 2:00, at my house. I am excited because Crystal is making a cheese ball.

If you want to come by the house, we can talk about lots of different things in the same conversation. (Mainly because I have trouble staying focused.)

Between the Woodstock Music Festival on September 23rd and the Forget Me Not Wildflower Trail and S-Town and a grandbaby, conversation and life are good.

Come to Woodstock and I promise you will laugh a little, and I just bet you will end up with a new friend or two.

Starting with me,


Still accepting seeds,postcards and chocolate with great appreciation at:

50 Rotenberry Lane

Woodstock, AL 35188

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