Once upon a mullet…

Now that people have started receiving their tags, I have received a few questions.

The tag is for you to decorate. Make it beautiful, funny, sentimental,artsy-completely up to you.

The beauty of this project is what it represents-the common bond we all have.

All ages, all walks of life, and we all get it. I love that.

Be sure to send it back so that it can be on the gate for all to see at the Woodstock Music Festival on September 23rd.

We will have pre-decorated tags at the festival for guests to write on as well.

Do what you do.

I won’t tell you how to do it.

I made that mistake once with a beautician. “Just layer it up”, I said, “but leave the length”.

She did what I said. I went to work and told my best good friend Cynthia to take a picture of my hair.

I will never forget my horror. Billy Ray Cyrus was jealous.

A heart attack and 2 more haircuts followed.

It all turned out okay, and I still laugh about it. I will not tell you how to cut hair and I won’t tell you what to put on your tag. Surprise me.

Don’t laugh,

Cheryl Cyrus Dodson

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