It isn’t a good party, until you break something…

When I was a teenager, we decided to have a party. A no-parents, bright idea gone wrong, just now able to talk about it (30 years later) party.

We decided to make punch in a crystal punch bowl that belonged to my friend Todd’s mom. Bad idea.

We also decided to make that punch on the bar that was next to our tv with our brand new, state of the art VCR.

Todd was a nervous wreck over the punch bowl so we washed it very carefully with hot water. By now, you know where this is going, Don’t You?

Well it went.

When we put that lime sherbet in the punch bowl, it sounded like we had shot it with a gun.

Just the thought of it, makes me scared of Jonette and John L. right now.

Jonette, if you have been looking for that punch bowl for the last 30 years, I am sorry. Todd, if you have not told your mom after all these years, I am even more sorry.

You can get even with me if you want to. Go tell John L. why there was green stuff in a brand new VCR back in 1987.

We sent it back to our neighbor Neil Gardner to clean. (He was our tech support in Frog Level, Alabama. And yes, that is where we lived. Frog Level is a neighborhood, no post office. Back then it was: Rural Route 1, Box 95-B, West Blocton a.k.a. Shaw Town.)

Neil returned it and when Daddy questioned us we had no idea what he was talking about. Green stuff? We looked around at each other and shrugged our shoulders and lied “like dogs”.

Years later, Daddy’s next VCR broke on its own. No party of mine was to blame. I bought him a new one. I did not really explain why. I just said, “I owe it to you”.

Today’s party had its own excitement. We just moved a little slower.

I thought I should move 2 gallons of sweet tea out of the center of the table so I could see Carla when she was talking.

Let’s just say, I should have held the bottom of that container.

Next thing I knew, I was hunting Mrs. Mary Ann something to wear. She was a great sport and rocked my yoga pants the rest of the party.

We decorated tags and laughed.

Mrs. Mary Ann even told me to get the pitcher out of the trash because it was too pretty to throw away.

I am thinking about repurposing it as a planter.

Don’t laugh,


P.S. I am still mailing tags! Message me if you would like one. Peace, love & joy will be mailed your way!

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