Is that an acronym?

When the S-Town podcast came out, I thought Woodstock and our way of life would forever be tarnished.

I, however, love a little tarnish. My single gardenia bloom is in a tarnished tea pitcher right now.

In preparation for the Woodstock Music Festival, we discussed a keepsake.

Trying to find a way to reach people. Recognizing the fact that Bibb County has a suicide rate higher than the national average.

Be glad that I have become friends with precious Jaq Davis in England or you could be going home with a KARL.

Instead you will receive a LARK. The bird that represents a new beginning of a beautiful new day.

The most important thing that we can do as individuals, as a community, a town, a nation and now our world-LOVE.

It conquers. Every obstacle. If anything you say or type is not filled with it, stop. You can change yourself. I know personally. I will never be the same. The outpouring of support has changed my life. I wish the same for each of you.

AWARENESS -Realize the struggles we all face. Be sympathetic. Be observant. Encourage.

REMINDER -Change your way of thinking. Go forward.

KEEPSAKE -Take home a little piece of Woodstock. A song, a souvenir, a smile. A full tummy.

Step into town and leave a little slower than you entered. We live life a little slower, but we like it that way.

We are weeks away and I can’t wait to meet you. If you can’t attend in person, send your heart in a note or tag!

Your friend,


50 Rotenberry Lane

Woodstock, AL 35188

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