Peace, love and fun Hun…

My precious Rita was the Queen of fundraisers. She walked up to everybody and you bought cookie dough or candles. And she finished her sentences with “Hun”.

When she found out Jeff was running for Mayor, it makes me tear up because she said, “My Jeff?”

Yes Rita. Your Jeff.

I know many of you have offered to help with our Woodstock Music Festival. We thank you and appreciate it so much.

The Woodstock Senior Center feeds about 30 Seniors at the Woodstock Town Hall and delivers to about 20 more every weekday. 50 Precious People. But, there is so much more than eating. We talk to them. We laugh with them. And we LOVE them.

Jeff Dodson got in the kissing booth with Mrs. Lela on Valentine’s Day. You have to watch those two.

If you were here in Woodstock, you would see our Woodstock Elementary School working on signs. Positive and encouraging messages to greet everyone that attends. They will line the fence at Holiday Beach Raceway.

I absolutely love it!

Phone calls are crazy. Messages are constant. But, it is still so unbelievable.

Can I help?

What do you need me to bring?

We are getting asked these questions constantly. I have a few answers.


Your Groovy Smile & Chill attitude

Psychedelic Clothes and Sunglasses

Flowers for your hair and a tote bag for your souvenirs (I have a few surprises!)

And your blanket or chair.

We’ll provide the good time.

I can hear Mrs. Rita now. If she was asked, “What are you going to do at the Woodstock Music Festival, Mrs. Rita?

“Just gonna have a little Peace, Love and Fun, Hun.”

Yes we will.



2 thoughts on “Peace, love and fun Hun…

  1. Not being from Woodstock Alabama, I have been absolutely intrigued with S-Town. I know many folks who live there, everyone knows everything about everybody. It’s part of being from a rural area in the South. I love hearing You tell the story about John and how kind he was. I can’t get enough of S-Town. Sweet lady keep blogging and telling the story just as you know it!!! ❤️

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