What the world needs now…

I am staring at the tags that came in the mail today.

You can see the love. You can feel it.

Thank you so much for your time. I am just amazed.

One of the sweetest things my mother did was sing to me. Rocking me in a chair and holding me tightly. “What the world needs now, is love sweet love…”.

How true.

Woodstock is ready for you.

Our churches have picked up litter on the side of the highway.

Our Elementary students have made inspirational signs.

Our teenagers and seniors have made tags.

And, we have a lot of people ready to make some music.

I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to Our Little Town.

This Saturday, September 23rd, I hope you will join us for one day. Let’s triple the population of Woodstock.

I have a few people I would love to introduce to you.

I have a few foods I want you to taste.

I have a few tags for you to see.

And, I have a few spaces on a door.

The wonderful thing about your heart is that it has no maximum capacity. There is always room for a little more love.

I need it. Our town needs it. And so does our world.

From Woodstock with love,


2 thoughts on “What the world needs now…

  1. Perfect, perfect PERFECT!! The world DOES need love, MORE love! And as the song lyrics go on to say “…it’s the only thing that there’s JUST too little of” and in part 2 of the chorus
    “…no, not just for SOME, but for EVERYONE”
    If all of the hard work, planning, organising, being loving and opening your heart up to folks in the build-up to the festival, is matched, and repaid in LOVE, then you will have made this world a better place.

    Have the MOST fun tomorrow, enjoy every second of it, take time to stop for odd moments, breathe in a big deep breath, look around, and listen – take in the scene that surrounds you, using ALL of your senses, and when you do that, remember, that THAT, is all because of you and the marvellous team of supporters you encouraged to get on-board with you for the journey.

    You Are The Best!!

    Your friend, in England xx

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