The Bee Team…

If you are old enough to remember the A-Team, you will remember a group of misfits with a mission and a side of humor. I personally think the Bee Team will be just as awesome.

But who is the Bee Team?

The simplest answer is we don’t know.

There is me.

Katie. Crystal. Bec. Rob. Kelly. Boozer. Stewart. Anne-Marie.

And last but not least…….


There is no US without U. There would only be an S. And we know what that stands for.

S-Town can be US-Town.

We are an odd bunch. But we are together. A group of friends you did not know you had.

There is no charge to participate. Donations are welcomed. And no amount is too small. $10 can put a DVD in a high school. I personally think every school should have one.

Wear a white T-shirt and get ready for a hug. Everyone involved said they felt comforted in a way they can’t describe.

And as far as that valuable real estate-It is your for free. Everyone who registers on the Bee Team. My gold pen is ready to put your name on my door.

Sign up online and meet us November 5th.

Your friends are waiting,


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