Save the porch!

Of all the things we are saving in this world, no one has mentioned the porch. That breaks my heart.

Maybe the conversation is repetitive, but I need it. Porch conversations are an endangered species and it makes me sad.

That is where I got my weather forecast and local news long before “the Google”.

My great-grandmother’s porch was small. A shotgun house that is now only in memory.

The porch was dusty and the dog did not move. Too hot to do anything but swing. Excuse me, “swang”.

My porch has enough junk to make John L. Acker proud. And that makes me smile.

If you would like to save the porch, come on over about 2. We will watch the rain and wave at cars.

I will try not to interrupt you or blurt out random thoughts. And if I don’t get distracted by something, I will finish my sentence. If not, we will laugh. I predict we will be laughing.

Don’t laugh,


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