Splendor in the grass…

I had a wonderful birthday today. I am 46 years old. And grateful.

Five years ago next month, Daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer. Today we went to Clanton and shopped the local outdoor flea market. He likes to go twice a week and I have never been with him until today.

But, Daddy lost his little Jack Russell terrier over a week ago. So the first part of the morning had an overwhelming sadness. Daddy had not told me because he did not want to tell me over the phone. I was so sad that I had not been over in almost two weeks to find that out.

As we rode the miles to Clanton, it was beautiful to connect over song lyrics and conversation.

We shared memories of my grandfather and the Cahaba River. We admired the voices of Elton John and Karen Carpenter.

We ate breakfast and walked around the flea market. Daddy rested in the shade while I toted a sack that would make Santa Claus proud.

Daddy bought me this beautiful blanket for my birthday. I told him he bought me a flower bed.

The rest of my treasures ranged from an Avon bottle to a wooden horse to Wygelia.

I love to watch Daddy speak to people and joke. And bargain. He knows the vendors and the waitresses by name. It makes me smile even now.

I always promise myself that I will slow down and be more aware of my family and nature.

I was proud of myself last week with my lightning bug observations. So proud that I made an extra effort to lay in the grass and soak in the sun while Jeff painted our shutters.

I was not so proud a few days later.

So along with the splendor in the grass, there is plenty of poison oak. ivy. sumac.

Whatever you call it.

Don’t laugh, never mind go ahead.

Extremely Grateful but itching,


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