Fine things…

I have always loved fine things. The kind you pick up and put back down after you look at the price.

I always look. I am just hoping I will get a surprise that I can afford.

I also hope the saleslady isn’t watching me pick up 5 things in a row.

And/Or, I compliment myself with a smile and I think to myself to put that back down very, very carefully.

I have always heard that referred to as “Champagne Taste”. I don’t know why because we don’t have much champagne around here.

I have more like sweet tea taste. Daddy made the kind you could pour on pancakes.

I wince at the thought of it and laugh.

It is probably the reason I order unsweet now. It does feel unnatural though. Some things you never get used to.

I would have never thought I would order it. It feels like I should apologize to somebody. I am sorry Daddy.

But, as you can see above, our tea service is multi-purpose.

Afternoon tea? No.

We used it to separate our boiled peanuts on the porch this evening. And we had a good laugh at our fancy container.

You can’t eat boiled peanuts on the porch without thinking of our Lea. And we were lucky enough to have her drop by today. Double win.

Most of our possessions are useful instead of decorative.

Like my prized purple cup.

It used to rinse many a soapy head.

Nowadays it rinses a soapy little dog and waters neglected plants.

It used to make me sad to look at it.

Just one more reminder of little boys and girls who are no longer all mine.

I now cherish it. Some people never had a need for a purple cup. They would have loved to wrestle a four year old who doesn’t like baths.

Or second baths that come after you thought you were finished with the first one. The kind where you need a personal assistant to hand you a towel.

I have now been the proud owner of that purple cup 20 plus years and “it ain’t going nowhere”.

Notice the distressed finish. The way it fits perfectly in your hand. Holds just the right amount of water to prevent frequent refills. But not too heavy or cumbersome. Purple plastic perfection.

Drop by the house sometime. I’ll let you pick it up and check out the bottom for the markings like fine china.

However, you can ease it on back down to the shelf very carefully because there is no price-because you can’t afford it.

Don’t laugh,


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