You may be right, I may be…


We throw that word around these days.

I understand and cringe at the same time. I have said things myself that when you think about it, you really should not say things that way.

Well you can call me crazy. It’s okay. Just don’t say that about the people I love.

S-Town is going to be a movie? I walked around like a wet cat and took a few Tums. I had a similar feeling last March.

But I had a worse feeling two years earlier. When I heard the news about him originally. I still have a text on my phone.

I want no one to get that text.

I want no one to know that feeling.

I hope that they tell this story to heal the 80 million people that miss him now.

I hope they respect his memory and more importantly, his momma.

And if a few more seeds get sent, I am crazy enough to think I can plant them.

May need a few more Tums.

Don’t laugh,

And let’s help someone else,


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