Grandmother Acker…

I never met Maudie Mae Reach Acker. She died in 1969. She was 49 years old.

My older cousins Tammie and Buddy remember that she squatted to greet them with open arms. They could run into her arms as she said, “My Angels!”

I also heard that she always had grape bubble gum and ice cream sandwiches waiting for them.

To get her approval, was always a family compliment. Daddy could not talk of her much. He was only 20 years old when he lost her. But as a teenager, I remember him looking at me and saying, “Mother would have loved you.”

Melts my heart even now.

I showed him this picture today.

He looked at her and his shoulders flinched. He does that when he tries to hold back a tear. He does that a lot.

She has been gone as long as she was here.

Life is as fast as they say.

I also remember my grandfather calling me in the living room. He talked with me in his bargaining voice.

“I will pay for you to go to the beauty shop and get a permanent. You look like your grandmother with curly hair.”

There was no need to bargain Papa. I was at the Step-n-Style before he could change his mind.

I remember talking and Aunt Genevieve interrupting me. “Suzette, what did you just say?”

Puzzled, I said, “I just love him so good.”

She told me mother used to say that about people and you could not have known that.

I didn’t.

But I believe love does. It lingers and it lives on in all of us.

Even 49 years later.

Until we meet in person Grandmother, thanks for loving people so good.

I am trying to love them so good myself.


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