Love can build a bridge…

The Woodstock Community Library is very small. I am sure most people would not believe it to be “up to standard”.

But, I have never been or never will be like most people.

Most people don’t smile.

Most people don’t love recklessly enough to tell you they love you over and over again.

But our honorary librarian assistant Dauton does.

Dauton will teach you how to talk like a pirate.

He will also put up books and read one out loud to you.

If you are lucky, he will even sing to you. His playlist has a wide range from “Bad to the Bone” to “Amazing Grace”.

And he builds towers.

The world would be so much better with a few more of Dauton.

But people like Dauton are always rare.

They cause you to slow down.


And smile.

Smiles that you only get when you feel them deep in your heart.

So in heart standards, our library ranks heavenly.

Because we host a few Angels daily.

If you need an award winning smile stop by, I am positive you will leave with one. And probably a hug.

Thank you Kathy and Blane for the donation of the blocks. You chose to be paid in smiles.

(My new friends, Dauton and Carson, are playing with the blocks of my friend John B. McLemore. It does my heart so much good to see this. I also saved some for my house because I have a red headed grandson Douglas and my little man River that I need to see play with them myself.)

Here’s to healing and hope for all of us. If you have never met an Angel, drop by the library. It usually has several including our Librarian Michele Dickey.

Who knew?

Maybe I should have hung out at the library more myself growing up. Oh well, it’s never too late to start trying to BEEhave. šŸ

Sign a door, make a tag, check out a book or build a bridge.

Love can build a bridge, one tiny block at a time…

Don’t laugh, just start stacking…


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