The Best…

Years ago, churches were much smaller. I personally preferred it that way.

We sat close on the pews. The singing was strong and the voices carried differently.

We knew each other well.

I remember people’s favorite hymns. When a number was called, we would smile and nod. We knew who would be singing loud.

I also remember favorite people.

When you are a child, there are people that you just trust. And Mrs. Jackie Mosley was always one of those special people.

When I woke up to the news that Mrs. Mosley had left this world, my heart was broken. Partly for myself and her family, but mostly for this world.

The unfortunate thing when someone stays within their circle of influence, the world doesn’t know the honor of their presence.

And the absence of their loss is even greater because it is tragic that the world didn’t know her.

We put people on pedestals for beauty.

When people think of character and class, many times people think of Jackie O.

Our small town has had its own class act in Jackie M, and she definitely deserved a pedestal.

She spoke soft and kind. She always smelled good and made you feel loved. She loved everyone from all walks of life.

Her presence was such a gift.

And she was absolutely beautiful.

At every age.

I tried to remember her young and then I laughed to myself, because I can’t remember her old.

Her beauty was timeless.

When she was at church, you couldn’t leave without a hug. She gave the best because they included her sweet smile.

Maybe my love and appreciation for her began years ago when a Bridal Tea seemed like a Royal Wedding.

The hustle and bustle prior to an event, I only experienced secondhand. I remember overhearing the details and feeling honored to be invited.

Everyone brought a dish and a present. There was no caterer. We would be excited knowing who was a good cook.

Her home was simple and yet so grand.

We would all take a grand tour of her travels and collections. She was not wealthy but she had such an appreciation for beautiful things outside of our own small town world.

To know something was from Spain, just seemed so exotic.

But there was also the painted plywood floors that made you feel like you could make anything beautiful.

And she could do that, even if she pulled it out of the trash.

Kellye Burt talked about finding a mohair chair with her at the thrift store for $10 and her excited response would be, “Ooh, it gives me chills.”

And isn’t that the beauty that she put in this world? Anyone can spend a fortune and go in debt for the rest of their lives. I loved that she could put a piece of lace over a cracked wall and make you feel like you went to Paris.

Her husband said that young people want to start out now with what it took them over 50 years to have.

I agree but not what they had materially, but what they had spiritually.

Many people live in a world where no good deed goes unposted. I am so thankful that I knew and witnessed first hand the love I did that may never be seen.

A confided painful secret, a comfort after a tragedy or a celebration of life’s milestones-they were all safe in her hands.

She knew her own share of difficulties and she used them to comfort others.

I feel we have a responsibility when we lose a treasure like her, to let the very best of them continue to live on within us.

That would be quite an undertaking for one, but she touched so many people that I believe we could all divide a little of her among us.

She has been gone over a month now and I took longer with this post than usual, because I wanted to get it right.

It has always been my understanding that she came into my parent’s lives when they lost my older sister 52 years ago.

That holds true the saying that when the worst things show up in your life, so does the best

Thank you so very much Mrs Mosley for giving us your best-

Forever grateful,

Cheryl Suzette

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