We are Chapter 8…

I received a letter today from Canada. My precious friend Laura writes again.

Never in my life do I remember buying an international stamp until last year.

But my Encourager Rob in Australia requires one.

And England there’s still love to send Spencer and Georgina and Jaq and Nellie.

Mischievous Lenor needs one in Ireland.

My address book has love that I never imagined.

Nancy, Chelsea, Ginger are spread out in the states…

Right down the road with Carla and Jennifer and Sarah and Kelly…

When anxiety and fear reign about an upcoming S-Town movie, I remind myself that I feared the worst last year with the podcast.

I am thankful to say I was wrong.

The worst is over.

June 22 is this week though.

Three years.

Send a prayer for Mrs. Mary Grace.

I don’t know what to expect, but I am hopeful that my address book will expand.

So many of you brave friends have shared your stories with me. I am forever grateful to have met you even if it is only through social media.

My virtual passport has been stamped repeatedly. I have souvenirs from places I only travelled with my heart.

So when private messages and emails question the transition from podcast to film, your guess is as good as mine.

I have not been contacted.

But I hope they do.

Because I know that songs and tags and cards and wildflower seeds are just a small part of it.

They are just tiny examples of the hope we all have. The hope to recover from this suicide crisis and fight this epidemic.

I told myself that I will not allow that negative inner voice to continue to be my CEO.

I will allow all of you to be my inner board of directors. That makes my heart smile right along with my face.

When the podcast ended at Chapter 7, it began to be written one way or another for those that refused to accept an ending.

We are Chapter 8 my friends,

And I just have to believe there will be beauty in these ashes…

Let’s keep writing it.

Sending My Love to All,


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