Maw Maw Nature…

When you lose someone there is that unquenchable thirst that comes along with a loss.

You just want to find a trace of them.

A picture.

A memory.

People spend their lives trying to chase big dreams and at the end, they reminisce the smallest joys.

Their temper tantrums become understandable. Their big mistakes are suddenly laughable.

We have laughed about Maw Maw turning over a piano she was moving. Jeff said it sounded like the house was falling down.

I personally love this memory.

I feel a strong urge to move my piano but I will not push my luck.

After all, my boys are now grown.

There is no one here to hide the evidence before Jeff gets home.

But I still owe her a big thank you.

Jeff is more understanding of my need to relocate the furniture thanks to her.

We ate supper last night and wanted to search for a handwritten recipe.

Something to preserve.

Where is her sour cream pound cake?

The one that is better 3 days later- if it makes it that long.

Giblet gravy?

No such luck.

Kinda makes you sad.

When Reagen was small, we went over to their house to help Paw Paw load up a donkey named Jesse. She had taught Jesse to count.

It was one of many animals at their house.

As a matter of fact, the animals often changed and going to their house was like a petting zoo field trip.

In the middle of the struggle, Reagen says, “Maw Maw would make a great Mother Nature.”

We all smiled and agreed. It always seemed to sum up Maw Maw and her sweet influence.

So there in the midst of her recipes, we found a precious gift. Stuck between Uncle Darrell’s salsa and Uncle Stan’s secret seasoning was a little touch of her hand.

A recipe for Orphan Kitten Formula.

This is so her.

Thank you for loving African violets. And baby birds. All sorts of plants and animals. And me. And us.

You would have made a great Mother Nature, but then again you kinda did-especially if she was a grandmother.

Grandmother Nature?

I prefer Maw Maw Nature.

Makes me smile.


Us. All of us. Etc…

P.S.  I got Paw Paw to cut the legs off my card table and make it a coffee table.  He was a good sport thanks to you.  Jeff shook his head and smiled.  Double thanks.



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