Your legacy…

“I cry more lately”.

We are standing around the food our community brought when we lost Jeff’s mom.

I made this statement and then I think Gail said it best. “The older you get, you look at your life and you can see your legacy”.

It is a great thing Gail does every day.

She feeds our seniors. She delivers meals. These meals will be funded by the Woodstock Music Festival.

Sometimes she is the only person these people see. But if I had to choose one person, it would be Gail.

Over the years, she has probably listened to the troubles of our entire community. Including my own. She is the type of person who you can tell about your heartache and she can say just the right thing.

I know.

Because she has. And still does.

And she still laughs. And loves. And you can’t get that just anywhere.

But you can get it our Senior Center.

Thank you Gail.

Your legacy is worth crying.

Just like each one of them.

I am so very thankful for you and so are our seniors!

Please come out and support the Woodstock Music Festival.

The meals we deliver may be to your grandmother.

Hugs, Peace and Love,


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